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Hello. Welcome to my world, in a sense that is. I am Frank Accettura, the author of Fred Clayton, which tells the story of a 29 year old man who is forced to take the reins of his family when he suddenly cannot count on the father and older sister who have always carried him.

I would like to start by saying something about myself. I was born on the south side of Chicago, brick bungalows and Midway Airport when it actually had a view. I consider myself fortunate to be born to old school parents, well with some exceptions. My parents were born in the 1920’s. When I would get yelled at and they’d say “tell it to Sweeney,” I’d be a little confused. When my mom said my looked like “skeeziks” when it polycroned up, I would need what that meant explained.

I’m a loyal Chicago White Sox (sorry Cubs fans) supporter. My wish isn’t just for another World Series win, but to see a promotion call Seat Cushion Night come back. The first ten thousand or so fans would get plastic seat cushions. All it would take was one bad call and every seat cushion would be thrown on the field. Next to Disco Demolition night, it was the funniest thing ever at old Comiskey Park. A close second was when I saw the reason for the rule where you must have a Bridgeport (the neighborhood the park is in) to park on the street during game days.

The night the division was won in 1983, a lady blocked in the car of four young men who had parked in her driveway. They responded by bodily lifting her car up and out of the way. The image of all four feet of coming out screaming and calling the police still makes me smile. The rule was passed the next year. Suffice to say, the crowd at old Comiskey was a little rowdier than the one of today.

Oh, yes, there is a book to talk about. I’d like to talk about the character of Fred. If he is seemingly a little weak, it comes from never really finding the right person or job or girlfriend to straighten him out in his young days. How is that about the author? Well, I’ll leave you to figure that one out.

Next time, more characters and chapters to talk about.


Frank Accettura

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