hello Fred fans

Welcome! I’d like to thank you for your interest in my book Fred Clayton, available on Amazon, E-bay and Barnes and Noble.com. It tells the story of a somewhat sheltered 29 year old man who is forced to grow up when he is no longer able to depend on the father and older sister he has always clung to. This is seen in the first chapter titled The Monthly Do’s.

Each week I will go over each chapter and the events in them, but today I would like to discuss the two people who helped inspire the book. My father was very old school and an all for the family type. I can honestly say no one who ever met my dad disliked him. My second influence was my late fiance’, Mary Ann Mason. Gone of cancer too soon at 27  the former Texan had a rare combination of cleanness, beauty and the biggest heart ever. I still feel a finger pointing at me if I even look at another girl

See you next time

Frank Accettura


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