The Book

Fred Clayton is bullied his entire life. From grade school to high school and even at work, his quiet manner and somewhat obese physique make him an easy target. Friends that he has known for most of his life scorn him, as does his own mother.
Brief periods of improvement, from weight loss to women showing interest, give way to rejection and the weight being put back on. Luckily, Fred has his father, who he counts on for emotional support, and his sister for money.
The death of his father is a horrible shock, as is his sister announcing that she is leaving Chicago. Fred is left alone with the mother he always struggled to get along with. Further complicating matters is the job he is forced to take and the arrival of his long distance, socially challenged girlfriend. Fred faces circumstances he never expected to face, but at twenty-nine, it’s time Fred stood up to his bullies, both inside and out.